Addie Marshall and his family had just survived the ravages of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and were starting a new life for themselves in Houston, when they received some devastating news.  Addie was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called acute lymphocytic leukemia.  He was fifteen years old at the time.

Soon the Marshall family found themselves battling a different kind of storm, one that involved doctor visits, difficult treatments, pain, and worry.  Although Addie has been through a lot, he hasn’t let chemotherapy stop him from working out with his teammates or doing most of the normal activities that teenage boys enjoy.  It has kept him off of the football team, however, and Addie hopes that once he is strong enough, he’ll be able to play varsity at Foster High School once again.

We are happy to say that Addie was the fourth recipient of a Courage For Life sporting experience.  He and his family were flown to New Orleans and given tickets for a New Orleans Saints football game on New Year’s Eve.  They were also provided with a suite at the Marriott Hotel in the French Quarter.

CFL Board Member Scott Challis greeted Addie and his family as they arrived at the hotel.  Realizing Addie is serious about his diet and exercise schedule, Scott let Addie know that there was a weight room available, and also sent a fruit basket, protein bars, and energy drinks.  Scott gave Addie a # 88 jersey and sharpie, for Addie to get Shockey’s signature when he met him at training camp the next day.

The Saints were kind and compassionate towards Addie, and Addie was given a private meeting with several of the players.  Val Marshall, Addie’s mother, said that she has “really developed an admiration for these NFL players that stop to pause and encourage kids that are fighting a ferocious opponent.”

Mrs. Marshall also said, “God Bless you, Challis family, for holding our hands and hearts through the fires of cancer and sharing your courage of hope during our hours of need.”   Our thoughts and prayers stay with Addie and his family as they continue to weather the toughest storm of their lives.