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There’s something special about being an athlete – a member of a team, of a sport, and of the community of athletes as a whole.  We understand each others’ dedication and sacrifices to the sports in which we commit. Regardless of the field played upon or the uniform worn, we celebrate each others victories and sympathize in our defeats.

But there’s a certain kind of connection that not only binds us as athletes, but as humans – that of when we feel the pain of a fellow athlete who is sidelined not by injury, but of illness, life-threatening illnesses that we could not have prepared for, and do not play by any rules. Those that threaten to undo the years of sweat, sacrifice, victories and defeats, and block our pursuit of excellence.  These challengers are too strong to fight alone, and that is when we all wear the same uniform.

John Challis was an athlete who battled illness but lost his fight. Along his journey he met and shared in the experiences of many athletes from high school to the professional leagues that let him to continue to feel the camaraderie of a team and thrill of victory. These experiences helped enrich John’s life during his final years, and so he made it his mission to help other athletes experience the same through their own journeys.

The Courage for Life Foundation is proud to continue to support John in his mission by offering sporting experiences to high school athletes who are facing life-threatening illnesses. By completing the application below, you will have a chance to be awarded a Sporting Experience. It is our intention to grant multiple Sporting Experiences each year. We will review and consider all completed applications that we receive.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness, grade level 9-12, and participate in a high school-sponsored interscholastic sports team, are eligible to apply.

Through your participation with the John Challis Courage for Life Foundation, you have enabled us to keep John Challis’ dream alive. For this we thank you!